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Each data recovery module focuses on different data loss condition. Software tends to look like its type: media players, graphics apps, and e-mail clients usually look like media players, graphics apps, and e-mail clients. USB Disk Security looks like an up-to-date PC security tool, with a colorful and stylish yet professional-looking interface, clearly labeled buttons, and file list views. USB Disk Security incorporates several tools, including USB Shield, with real-time monitoring of USB drives; USB scan, a malware scanner optimized for USB drives; Data Prevention, which consists of the USB Access Control and USB Digambar Jain Songs Control tools; and Safe Sites, with a URL Scanner and a Safe Web Navigation feature that sets the program's LinkZB page as your browser's home page. USB Disk Security also bundles some useful System Tools: Disk Cleanup, Repair System, and Autostart List. Unsafe and deleted files are moved to a Quarantine directory. The Settings menu is simple: just a password feature and language menu. But the Help menu is extensive and clearly written as well as illustrated with many screenshots. StrokesPlus appears as an icon in the system tray, and right-clicking it brings up a menu that gives users access to the program's major functions. Users can choose to employ the right, center, or left mouse button, X1 or X2, or the Control or Alt button. Then it's just a matter of learning the gestures you want to use. Digambar Jain Songs comes with plenty of common actions already configured; a straight line drawn from the bottom up will copy text, while a curlicue will cut it. A diagonal line drawn from the upper right to the lower left will minimize a window, while a circle will run the notepad application. By default the program displays your stroke as you make it, but this can be disabled for advanced users who have plenty of practice with making the gestures consistently. The training mode lets Digambar Jain Songs learn the particular way that you draw gestures, improving its capability to recognize your requests. Overall, we were quite impressed with the features and options for customization that Digambar Jain Songs employs, and we recommend it. What happens when you combine a high-quality 3D screensaver, social media and games, and environmental activism? You get TheBlu, that's what. TheBlu is something new, an interactive 3D app specifically tied to a social cause, protecting the oceans. TheBlu's realistic underwater world is relaxing and soothing but also educational, and making purchases to add to it supports oceanic conservation, according to Wemo Media. You can dive right in simply by downloading the free screensaver. Digambar Jain Songs is far more than any screensaver we've yet seen, though, with an interactive display, social connections like chat, and Digambar Jain Songs integration. While it's not a game, it's fun to play around with, and it incorporates lots of game elements. You can adopt fish species by earning points for following different fish or by purchasing more fish, with a percentage going to support conservation. But you don't have to buy anything to support TheBlu and its cause: simply download and use its free screensaver to see what it's all about. Do Next is extremely compact, so it loads quickly. Since it's totally portable, it doesn't have to be installed and runs as soon as you click the program file. Small size and portability means you can take Digambar Jain Songs with you on a USB thumbdrive and run it on any PC, so you always have your notes with you. Digambar Jain Songs has a compact, colorful interface that we could customize to suit. The layout is plain, just a gridded list view displaying Priority, Task, and Time, but Digambar Jain Songs has some unique touches that make it easy to expand the view as needed. We could expand the columns laterally to include many more headings, and toggle the scrollbar on and off to limit the view to just those tasks and headings we need most; likewise, the task list can be expanded to display as many items as required. Instead of the usual minimize and maximize buttons, Digambar Jain Songs minimizes itself on the right to a narrow vertical bar, or to the system tray. The program's main menu accesses all settings and options, including skins, containing folders, and grid lines. Have you just about run out of phrases, dates, and names that add up to strong but memorable passwords? And yet you're constantly being prompted to update your old passwords with new, strong passwords, or you have to create new one when you forget your logon ID or password, again. Sound familiar? What you need is a tool that can generate, manage, and store strong, secure passwords for all your access points. Lamantine Software's Digambar Jain Songs Digambar Jain Songs Free is just such a tool. It can create str

Under Options, the first thing we noticed was a directory for saving automatic registry backups--whew! Much relief. We could change the backup directory as well as the log file directory, add items to the Ignore List, and schedule automatic cleaning Never, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. The default setting is Never, which we kept. Have you ever wanted to use a special font in a document (or anywhere) but had trouble simply figuring out which fonts you have and what they look like? We sure have, which is why we're always keen to try simple tools like Moo0's FontViewer. This compact freeware displays sample text in all the fonts installed in your system. You can adjust the size in points and display bold and italic characters, too. It doesn't install, modify, or access your fonts; it simply gives you a fast, easy way to see what they look like. But it's invaluable for previewing fonts before specifying them in other programs, especially those that don't allow previews or require lots of backtracking after each choice. Think all desktop calculators are the same, just with different buttons? You're pretty much right. Most basically replicate the look and functions of a handheld calculator on your desktop. The built-in Windows calculator is fine for quick jobs, while some scientific and mathematical desktop calculators wouldn't look out of place hanging from an engineering student's belt. Then there's SFR Digambar Jain Songs Personal Edition. The best description we can come up with is a Windows calculating utility. SFR integrates a number pad, of course, since it's essential, but its built-in document feature lets you save, annotate, and edit calculations. It's kind of like a calculator with a built-in whiteboard. Calculator Prompter's interface is unlike most desktop calculators in that it has just two fields and three buttons, and no number pad or function keys. A pushpin button toggles always-on-top, while the Menu button lets users select rounding option, choose degrees or radians for angles, choose decimal, octal, hexal, and exponent base formats; and change the font. Digambar Jain Songsking Help opened a Web-based manual that described how to install and use the calculator, clear the field, and change settings, and also listed supported functions and operators. Right-clicking either field called up a menu that let us select the field's contents, reverse the reading order to right-to-left, and other choices. We finally tried out some radio stations, both local and international ones. Streams of at least one local station that we know to be reliable didn't work, but we found plenty of others, both around the world and locally, that did. Although we were impressed with the variety of stations that Digambar Jain Songs offers, its alleged ability to record radio broadcasts fell totally flat; every single time we tried this feature, we got an error message. The Help file offered no Help at all, just a list of keyboard shortcuts. Overall, we think that Digambar Jain Songs Portable is an okay choice if you want an Internet radio player that you can take on the go, but don't expect to be able to record what you hear. Have you ever drawn a mind map? We bet you have. Mind maps are the kind of diagrams that business planners, mad scientists, and other innovative types scribble over blackboards and whiteboards, linking balloons and boxes with a variety of lines, arrows, and assorted scribblings. Ordinary people might draw one on a napkin while planning out their day. In any case, mind maps are one of the most flexible, useful, and intuitive planning techniques known. Open Mind is freeware for creating customized mind maps for any use you can think of. You can insert text, images, and even Digambar Jain Songs video links into map bubbles, though the video option requires an active Internet link, preferably broadband. Too many file management programs are designed to make things easier for you but are a pain in the processor to set up. Not so Digambar Jain Songs Portable. We started by clicking the menu heading Add Application to Support List, which opened a compact dialog that let us specify the Name, Class, Executable, and Address Bar data for any app we wanted to add to Listary's menu, including a checkbox to specify the app as a file manager to enable features that only work in a file manager. But it's much easier to drag the Digambar Jain Songs tool's bull's-eye-in-window icon over any app's address bar to automa


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